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Direct Access

Until recently members of the public have not been allowed to go directly to a barrister for legal advice. In the past if you needed the expert opinion of a barrister or a barrister to represent you in court you had to first engage the services of a solicitor who would then instruct the barrister on your behalf. Recent changes mean for the first time members of the public can now go directly to a barrister without having to also involve a solicitor.

Direct Access Services

These changes are referred to on the Bar Council website and as a result we have established a new service simply called Barristers Direct. The barristers at Barristers Direct are specialists in all areas of criminal law with a long history of practice in this field of work both in prosecution and defence. Members of our team undertake a wide range of criminal cases in both the Crown Court and Magistrates Court, ranging from minor road traffic offences to the most serious and complex cases. Our barristers are skilled in representing both individuals faced with criminal charges and businesses and professional clients facing prosecution for regulatory offences.

Barristers Direct can provide you with the following services:

  • Practical guidance on procedural and other steps to be taken prior to any court hearing
  • Effective legal advice and assistance on all matters of law, practice and evidence
  • Drafting of formal and legal documents required for court hearings
  • Appearing on your behalf to present your case at court
  • Expert opinion on the merits of any appeal against sentence or conviction

For more information, please visit our Barristers Direct website.