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Naomi Hobbs successful appeal in decision of DJ Mian in judicial conduct case.

Birmingham judge Najma Mian slammed over 'crossing the line' with behaviour at hearing.

A decision by a Birmingham-based family court judge asked to consider the future of a little girl has been overturned after a lawyer complained about her "intemperate" behaviour at a private hearing.

Barrister Naomi Hobbs, who was instructed by a guardian appointed to represent the interests of the child, mounted an appeal on the grounds that District Judge Najma Mian's conduct had been "improper".

Ms Hobbs complained about District Judge Mian using "blasphemous words", "shouting", "storming out of court", being sarcastic and "shaking with rage".

A more senior judge has upheld the appeal.

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Catering company fined £200,000 after guests suffer food poisoning at Packington Moor. Mark Jackson prosecuting.

Catering company Galloping Gourmet has been fined £200,000 after over 50 guests suffer food poisoning at Packington Moor, Staffordshire.

Mr Mark Jackson, prosecuting on behalf of Lichfield District Council, said the environmental health department was contacted by Mrs Kemp two days after her wedding saying guests had been complaining of suffering from gastric illness symptoms including nausea, diarrhoea and abdominal pains. One man had been hospitalised.

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