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Mark Jackson

Established in 1974, No.8 Chambers is a leading barrister set based in Birmingham. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest possible standards of service, advice and advocacy. We provide a full range of expertise combined with a personalised, friendly service. We look forward to helping in any way we can.

Mark Jackson - Head of Chambers.

Joining No.8

No.8 Tenancy Opportunities

As part of our ongoing growth plan Chambers is currently looking to recruit tenants. Applications are welcome.

To apply to join No.8 Chambers, please call 0121 236 5514 or E-mail: clerks@no8chambers.co.uk.


Barrister Call
Lord Thomas OBE QC 1968
Alison Scott-Jones 1991
Alexander Barnfield 2007
Sally Cairns 2006
Robert Cowley 1992
Saiqa Aslam 1995
Emma Rutherford 2002
Adam Pipe 1999
Stephen Vokes 1989
Philip Brunt 1991
Mark Jackson 1997
Mohammed Azmi 1998
Liz de Oliveira 2000
Naomi Hobbs 1992
Davinder Dhaliwal 1990
Maninder Chaggar 1992
Gary Cook 1989
Arnela Imamovic 2008
Marc Beaumont 1985
Olumide Sobowale 1998
Michael Brooks 2007

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