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Client care

No. 8 Chambers aims to provide the highest possible standards of advocacy, advice and service. With this in mind, we provide this information in order to set out in clear terms, our policies and practices as they relate directly to the service we provide for you. We ask you to keep this information on file and to contact our Senior Clerk should you have any queries that you feel remain unanswered by this information or our other promotional materials / activities.

Quality Standards:

Review of new Instructions and Briefs: Counsel will review new briefs and instructions within 3 days of receipt (or sooner if marked urgent) to provide an initial response or to assess whether they are able to conduct the work by the date required. If the agreed deadline is not possible, a revised date will be negotiated or if there is no room for manoeuvre, the instructions will be reallocated to someone (generally more senior, but in any case, with your approval), who is able to comply.

Paperwork: It is Chambers' policy that all written work should be completed within 14 days. This standard will be applied unless you agree to another deadline (shorter or longer) appropriate to your case. Any such agreement will be recorded on our computer system so that we can monitor progress against our commitment to you. Every attempt will be made to adhere to these arrangements but we will notify you as soon as possible in the unlikely event of our being unable to meet the deadline set. If a matter is required to be dealt with urgently, it would assist if you could contact us in advance and/or clearly mark the back sheet as 'urgent'.

Court Appearances: When you contact Chambers to book Counsel, we will advise you if the barrister of your choice has an existing commitment and establish your wishes as to the use of alternative counsel. Should you wish to double-book your preferred counsel, we will keep you informed as to likely availability as the court date approaches so that you may reassess your options. In the unusual circumstance that acceptable cover cannot be provided within Chambers, we will, if required, assist in finding other Chambers to assist you.

Briefs: It is vital to the smooth and effective handling of a case that we have sufficient time to prepare for court appearances. Many cases now require skeleton arguments and similar documents to be lodged in advance of the hearing. It is therefore essential that instructions are sent in good time to allow such documents to be drafted and served. On the day of the hearing, counsel will arrive at court sufficiently early to allow adequate time for discussion with yourself and your client.

General Policies:

Members of Chambers practise under the Code of Conduct of the Bar of England & Wales and adhere to Chambers policies and procedures defined in our Quality Manual. This has been developed to ensure compliance with the Legal Services Commission Quality Mark Standard. We uphold the Bar Council's Policy for Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination. We have disability facilities for disabled users to enter our building and alternatively we are happy to travel to solicitors' offices or other locations for conferences where needed.

Basis of Fees / Terms of Business:

We strive to provide a very high quality service at competitive rates. Our Clerks, Christine and Rosemarie, are available to discuss levels and the basis of fees with you.