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Stephen Vokes

Stephen Vokes

BA (Hons) University of Wales

Call 1989

Stephen Vokes is, and has been for a number of years, rated leading junior Counsel in the Midlands in the areas of Immigration and Asylum work according to Chambers and Partners Guide to the Legal Profession.

He practices exclusively in this field, and has done so for over 30 years, and appears regularly in the High Court and Court of Appeal. Stephen has represented Appellant's in the leading Country Guidance cases in respect of Afghanistan, Sudan, Uzbekistan and also Iranian Christians and Afghani women.

The 2022 edition of Chambers and Parners notes: Stephen Vokes is a well-regarded immigration law specialist barrister who is admired for his depth of experience and excellent case preparation. He is a seasoned counsel for both High Court and Court of Appeal proceedings and has experience of a broad range of immigration and asylum cases. He has acted in high-profile Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran country guidance cases.

"He is extremely hard-working and his grasp of factual detail is unparalleled. The client's best interests are always at the forefront."

Recent work includes the latest Country Guidance cases by the Upper Tribunal on Afghanistan (AK (Article 15 (c)) Afghanistan CG [2012] UKUT 163 (IAC)) and Uzbekistan (LM (returnees-expired exit permit) Uzbekistan CG [2012] 390 (IAC);
Patel (AKA Ravel) R (on the application of) SSHD (IJR) [2015] UKUT 95 (IAC);
IM & AI (Risks - membership of Beja Tribe, Beja Congress and JEM:Sudan) GG [2016] UKUT 188 (IAC).
Stephen appeared for the person whose refugee status was being revoked in the leading case on the cessation of refugee status SSHD v MS (Somalia) 2019 EWCA Civ 1345.

Practice Groups
Immigration & Human Rights

Reported Cases
R (Rusdi Mohammed) v An Adjudicator, The Times 12th December 2002
Skanderaj v SSHD [2003] 4 AllER 555
R (Bosombangwa) v IAT [2004] EWCA 1656 Admin
FS & Others v SSHD (Iran-Christian converts) CG Iran [2004] UKIAT 00303
NS v SSHD (Social Group - Women - Forced Marriage) CG Afghanistan [2004] UKIAT 00328
B2 DR (Risk-Political Journalist) Iran CG [2002] UKAIT 06452
Nhengu v SSHD [2004] EWCA Civ 298. Link to case here.
OS (10 years' lawful residence) Hong Kong [2006] UKIAT 00031
R (Yusuf & Others) v SSHD [2006] EWHC [Admin] 3513
ZH (Afghanistan) v SSHD [2009] EWCA Civ 470
EM (Zimbabwe) v SSHD [2009] EWCA Civ 1006
AK (Article 15 ( c)) Afghanistan CG [2012] UKUT 163 (IAC)
LM (returnees-expired exit permit) Uzbekistan CG [2012] 390 (IAC)
Patel (AKA Ravel) R (on the application of) v SSHD (IJR) [2015] UKUT 95 (IAC)
IM and AI (Risks-membership of Benjamin Tribe, Beja Congress, and JEM; Sudan) CG [2016]
MS (Art. 1C (5) Mogadishu) v SSHD [2018] UKUT 196 (IAC)
SSHD v MS (Somalia) [2019] EWCA CIV 1345

Membership of Professional Organisations
Immigration Law Practitioners' Association