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Maninder Chaggar

Maninder Kalsi

LLB (Hons)

Call 1992

Maninder Chaggar is an experienced advocate who has maintained an extremely successful Immigration and Asylum practice dealing with cases in all courts including the AIT, High Court and Court of Appeal. Maninder is willing to advise and represent all clients and has extensive knowledge of most nationalities, and has particular experience in Gender Persecutions.

As well as Human Rights issues Maninder also maintains a Criminal law Practice dealing with both defence and prosecution in both the Crown Courts and Magistrates Courts. Maninder has dealt with many trials including sexual offences, robbery and assault. Maninder is especially good at dealing with cases which have sensitive issues.

Practice Groups
Crime, Immigration, Family Law

Reported cases
EB (Risk – Return - Ethiopian - Eritrea) Eritrea [2002] UKIAT 06317
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