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Public perceptions of Immigration

For the last few years Adam Pipe has been a mentor for the Professional Research Skills module at the University of Birmingham Department of English Language and Linguistics. This year Adam set his group an assignment to look at ‘How does the language used in the mainstream media affect public perceptions of immigration?’.

The research project aimed to explore how particular inflammatory linguistic devices used in mainstream media have the potential to perpetuate negative public perceptions of migrants.

The students have produced an excellent report and some shareable infographics including a code of good practice for journalists.


Shareable Infographics

Survey 1

Survey 2

Survey 3

Good Practice


Data Comparison

Word Cloud

UK Immigration Law Update Telegram Channel

As an experiment, Adam Pipe has set up an Immigration Law Update Telegram channel and plans to post immigration law updates. It should be noted that the channel is for information purposes only and is not legal advice.

The link to the Telegram channel is here: - Immigration Updates

BBC investigation raises fresh doubts on Home Office ETS evidence

In this Immigration Law update Adam Pipe summarises the BBC News Report of 9.2.22 which states:

‘A BBC investigation has raised fresh doubts about the evidence used to throw thousands of people out of the UK for allegedly cheating in an English language test.

Whistleblower testimony and official documents obtained by Newsnight reveal the Home Office has continued to try to remove people based on the claims of the international testing organisation ETS - despite knowing of serious concerns about its conduct and flaws in its data.’

Link to the BBC news item here

Link to Adam's summary of the BBC News Report here.

Immigration cases 2021 - Jul to Dec review

Adam Pipe, barrister at No. 8 Chambers, reviews the key cases from July 2021 to December 2021 for immigration advisers, and explains why they are of interest. The review covers long residence settlement applications, section 3C leave, legacy appeals under the EEA regs, evidence from witnesses abroad deprivation of citizenship, Windrush cases, judicial review challenges and Article 8-related cases.

Link to the review and its associated web links as a pdf.