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Live online course | Winning private and family life cases


Date: 19.6.24 Time: 4-5:30 pm Speakers: Mark Symes & Adam Pipe

Every immigration lawyer needs to know how to best present applications and claims based on private and family life. There are constant changes and 2024 is no different with recent new Appendices for numerous family life routes and never-ending new case law – not to mention the radical uplift in the new minimum income threshold. In this course two of the UK’s leading immigration barristers, Adam Pipe and Mark Symes, will discuss the latest thinking on ECHR Art 8 cases, from applications to appeals. The course will include some case studies using practical fact patterns where we apply these ideas to typical cases.

We cover:

  • Representing complex cases – unmarried partners, non-traditional families and elderly dependent relatives
  • Novel legal arguments – getting creative with insurmountable obstacles, unjustifiably harsh consequences and proportionality
  • Confronting the new minimum income threshold
  • Medical cases – health conditions, mental illness and disability
  • Building the evidence – how to present a really robust case via witness statements, expert reports and public domain evidence
  • Rebutting typical refusal reasons and arguments
  • Country specific strategies

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Immigration: Autumn 2023 online seminar

No.8 Chambers Immigration Team Autumn 2023 online seminar - speakers and topics.

  • Stephen Vokes: §297 & Children
  • Emma Rutherford: Appendix Adult Dependent Relative
  • Olu Sobowale: Highlights from the new Bail Guidance
  • Adam Pipe: Top of the UT Pops 2023: the key reported cases of the year so far
  • Michael Brooks: Burden and Standard of Proof in Asylum claims & MAH Egypt

  • Please clink the following link to view topic notes - No.8 Chambers Immigration Team - Autumn 2023 seminar

    Emma Rutherford - reported deprivation case

    Case: Chimi (deprivation appeals, scope and evidence) [2023] UKUT 00115

    Link to the Tribunal's decision here. The link includes access to the decision in a pdf download plus a Word Document version.